Powerful small size 1 CUE wireless radio firing system with “Learning Button” in receiver, can change transmitter or clear stored code easily. Convenient when system needs to be reset.

3-position switch for TEST, FIRE and power OFF. Low power indicator tells you when batteries need to be replaced. Complete functions, easy to be used.

Perfect thing that should not be missed in the equipment of everyone who deals with fireworks.

You will get 1 button transmitter and 1 remote control which comes with sliding cover which can hide button, when system is armed.

Model No.: RF1A (the 5th version)
Type: RF Radio, OOK, 433.92MHz
Power: 6V (4x AAA battery)
Decode: Learning code
Firing Current: >750mA
Test Current: <10mA
Size: 55×50.5x40mm, antenna is retractile and can be folded

Model No.: TCW200-1LN
Type: RF radio, the same frequency as the receiver above
Transmitting Distance: 200m
Supply Power: A23 DC12V Battery
Encode: Learning Code.

CE certificated (Meets the legislative requirements of the EU.)

Weight85 g

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