Quickmatch in a plastic tube of communication – communication paper tube is coated with a plastic sheet to protect communications downspouts from rain and moisture.

Burning rate about 5 m / s = basically immediately.

– For fast ignition of fireworks once more (display shells, fountains, compacts … whatever)
– For making your own fireworks (display shells, mines…)
– For make “Traca and Mascleta”
– To create imitation EFFECTS (see video below)

In this video you can see how easily you create the perfect effect of the impact of bullets into the ground (you know from action films) only use this product! Customers who order more than 10 meters gets detailed instructions for this effect + more tips on how to improve it further (Please ask for it).

Weight 10 g
Country of origin



1 m

Safety category

T1 – since 21 years old