High quality electric igniter for professional fireworks, pyrotechnic effects and others.
Very universal model for good price.

Pill has got useful plastic cover for create heat on small space and for holding safety fuse.
This cover you can also remove if you need of course.
Outer diameter: 6 mm
Inner diameter: 4 mm

Wires: copper core, length: 100 cm (1m).
End of wires are partly insulated for greater security and faster manipulation!
Also they are united so it is better for use, because you can split them by knife as much as you want.

Safe current: 0,18 mJ/Ω
Firing impulse: 18,2 mJ/Ω
Firing current: 1 A (for 12 V)
Resistance: 0,95 – 1,25 Ω

Price is for 1 pc.

CE certificated (Meets the legislative requirements of the EU.)
Age limit or other limit: 18 years

By buying you acknowledge that you fulfill the limit for purchase of this product.

Weight 6 g