Special professional set 12 pcs. of 2,5inch (63 mm) display shells with silver tail by LIDU


1 pc. Multicolor Chrysanthemum
1 pc. Red and Blue Chrysanthemum
1 pc. Green Coco Tree
1 pc. Brocade Crown
1 pc. Yellow to Red Wave
1 pc. Blue Wave
1 pc. Glittering Silver Wave
1 pc. Purple Wave
1 pc. Golden Peony
1 pc. Half Red and Silver Peony
1 pc. Green to Red Peony
1 pc. Silver Wave to Red Peony

CAT. 4
Age limit or other limit: Professionall competence (depends on local rules in your country).

By buying you acknowledge that you fulfill the limit for purchase of this product.


Weight 1500 g

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