Flare with a very intense bright RED light.
Initiation by built friction igniter!

Ideal as an emergency signaling in the car, a trip to the mountains, sea, lifeboats, wildlife, army, etc. ….

It burns for a minute bright red light visible at a distance of several kilometers. It also produces white smoke.

Very compact size, because of folding possibility. After function you can fold it again.
Size: 35 x 155 mm (35 x 270 mm in open position)

Initiation: friction igniter
Body: metal + plastic cover !
Effect: red light
Burning time: 1 minute
NATO code: 1370145310472

CE certificated (Meets the legislative requirements of the EU.)
Age limit or other limit: 18 years

By buying you acknowledge that you fulfill the limit for purchase of this product.

Weight 165 g

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