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Premium set of 3inch display shells, 12 pcs.

Special premium mix 12 pcs. from quality 3" shells!

1 pc. White Chrysanthemum Purple Core
1 pc. White Chrysanthemum
1 pc. Purple Chrysanthemum
1 pc. Kamuro Chrysanthemum
1 pc. Red Flash Willow
1 pc. Jin Crown Blue - Brocade Crown to Blue
1 pc. Red Gun Shuo Liu - Red Crackling Willow w. Silver Tail
1 pc. Shan Ju - Strobe Chrysanthemum
1 pc. Silver Wave to Red
1 pc. Red Wave
1 pc. Burst Brocade Crown
1 pc. Chrysanthemum Yellow Core

CE certificated (Meets the legislative requirements of the EU.)

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