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Riot control smoke puff charge ZV-6

Once released from hand, the igniter shall disengage the lever and the cocking mechanism will activate the primer. The blast from primer will light up the deferred fire igniter, which will activate the very puff charges within 2,5 seconds and there will be spread of mini puff charges generating particular blasts of 130 to 160 decibels.

Made by Czech ammunition factory Zeveta!

The great thing about expanding the raging crowd!

Given the small size is perfect for hiding in a pocket or handbag, with subsequent use against the invaders!


Effect: 6x strong bang, flash and smoke
Size: 35 x 100 mm (49 x 120 mm with igniter)
Delay: 2,5 sec.

Price is for 1 pc.

CE certificated (Meets the legislative requirements of the EU.)

By buying you acknowledge that you know how to handle with this cathegory according to rules in your country.


25.00,- €

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