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Profi yellow bengal fire PS25

The profi light signal for day and night signaling which are used:
a) to focus on tactical training area, ie marking own leading edge or "enemy" troops, marking the interface between units, or areas concerned with the direction of attack, to identify the units, etc.;
b) the topographic orientation, ie, setting out the important landmarks in the marking of the compass, etc.;
c) the ground day and night signaling between smaller units, or. for signaling between ground troops and Air Force;
d) Imitating fire of objects;
e) setting out an emergency landing areas for pilots in the marking of passages, etc.;

They can be used particularly in the less rugged and impermeable terrain .

PS 25 are cylindrical in shape with a lid.
- Diameter: 51 mm
- Height: 60 mm
- Weight: 170 g
- Signal duration: 20 to 30 s

The use of PS 25

Initiators that is most appropriate for the intended use.
EPIO for electric buy here: EPIO
TZ-M3 throwing of hand buy here: TZ-M3
The initiators are screwed all the way, BUT NOT violence.
It´s possible burn by green visco fuse 3 mm too!

PS 25 The flame is about 0.5 metres high and combustion temperature exceeds 2000 °C! Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use PS 25 in an easily flammable environment! Also note that when there is an effect of burning-hot products of combustion! If you must use the PS 25 in the highly inflammable environment and you do not want to ignite fire you have to ensure an appropriate stand, tripod, etc. ....

Approved for civilian use!

Class T1
Age limit or other limit: 18 years

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